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Hadestown AU

Leaving the Gardens had probably, in retrospect, been a bad idea.  But when you're eighteen and sick of being stuck in the courtyard of your mother's overly lavish palace, you do really stupid things like climb the wall and set out across the wasteland towards the ocean.  Persephone had never been to the ocean, and her uncle owned the city there, so everything would be fine, right?

Not fine.

Now she was standing in the streets, her hair matted and her once perfectly maintained clothing stained and gross.  There were about two dozen people standing with her, their feet tied to one another with a long length of rope that had long sense rubbed her skin raw, but at least that was the worst of it.  She was exotic, a rare flower from the Gardens with mixed heritage, and clearly a catch for anyone looking for a pretty maid or something...else.

The only thing that had kept her from a worse fate was the fact that she at least had the foresight to not travel with any jewelry on, and kept her tattoo hidden under a length of white cloth.

It was hot and muggy, but the sun couldn't penetrate the smog that hung thick in the city.  This must be the place down south, where the oil was collected, and where people with no futures ran away to die.  The thought made her stomach knot, and every person who passed by and looked her way was met with a steely eyed glare.

Please to be posting things for me to write from. You can be as specific (characters, situation, etc.) or as non-specific (general situation, prompt, whatever) as you like.

Though if you can specify a few characters you're interested in pieces from, that would be keen. I just need to get back into writing.

I might attempt a character soundtrack soon, too...


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